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THE DEPOSIT REQUESTED IS 1/2 OF YOUR TOTAL. This gives us a chance to check the math, make sure you are not over-charging yourself and helps us save on fees for online processing. Round figures off to the nearest dollar. Over payment may not be refundable. In the case of services on Maui, Kauai & Big Island, we will determine your total. Upon acceptance, payment IN FULL is required. Thanks for your cooperation.

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If your card is DECLINED by the terminal and you are sure the card is valid, it may be due to a typo or an address mismatch with information the bank has for your account. Be sure you use your exact billing address information; your Apartment, Building or Suite number goes in “Address2″ box. If we receive notice of a failed transaction, we may attempt to re-authorize payment on the server from our side. Relax, be patient and trust the process. Foreign Users: Multiple submissions may cause your bank to report multiple debits to your account. Relax, that is not the case and once we clear your payment on our end, the additional debits will resolve after a few days.

Send us an email or call if you have concerns. Mahalo for your patronage!

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