Hawaii Wedding Photo Memories

 Bring Us Your Hawaii Wedding Photo Memories

Our talented team of digital magicians will transform and integrate your Hawaii wedding photo memories into a Hollywood-style PhotoMovie DVD™. This is a stand-alone product, exclusive of the cost of photo packages.  Whether the images were produced by our staff on their photographic equipment or you took them yourself, we will take your treasured island moments captured in digital format and combine them with professional Hawaiian video footage and great island music to create a unique innovative personalized PhotoMovie DVD™ album.

This is not a boring slideshow. It is a unique and memorable way to enhance the memories of your Hawaii wedding or vacation activities.  Your digital photos “come alive” on the screen with special transitions and effects sandwiched between professionally produced video footage of our island paradise, wrapped up in the alluring sounds of Na Leo’s Hawaiian music.

Whether your family, guests or our professional photographer shoot the photos at your event, or around the islands during your visit, our PhotoMovie DVD™ service will put you in the movies in the most memorable way!

Ordering is easy…

There are 2 sizes: Up to 50 images for $85; up to 100 images for $115.

Your PhotoMovie DVD™ will open with a navigation menu: Opening video footage, Slide Show of your images & Closing video footage.

To order, decide on the following choices:

  1. A custom cover jacket art from those designs below. Hover over your choice for the style number.
  2. One song for the 50-image disk; two songs for the 100-image disk.
  3. Choose one of the four movie themes from those below.
Wedding and Honeymoon Themed Jackets
jacket_JWD01  jacket_JWD02  jacket_JWD03  jacket_JWD04


Scenic Island Themed Jackets
jacket_JGE05  jacket_JGE06  jacket_JGE04  jacket_JGE08

Check out the video samples
Romantic movie sample

Active movie sample

Family movie sample

Nature movie sample

Listen & choose a song – one for 50 images, paired songs for 100 images:
The Rest Of Your Life & Coming Home
Right Before My Eyes & Nana No Ke Ko’olau
In Your Smile & When I Think of You
Love is Starting To Shine & Why

Local Boys & Colorblind
Playing With My Mind & North Shore Serenade

Sweet Baby & Here In The Rising Tide
Taro Patch Twist & He’s Got Me

Click on the above title you want to hear. A new window will open with 2 selections shown. Click the “Play” button.   Paired songs will be used as shown when you order the 100-image disk. The pair cannot be split.

New tunes added:
Pineapple Express
Flying With Angel
Ka Leo O Ku’u Lehua
Hapai Hula
Nani No Ke Ko’olau

Click on the above title you want to hear. A new window will open with 2 selections shown. Click the “Play” button.